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01 May 2013 | Hip Hop / Rap

Blog is Back – Relaunch Event Coming Soon is Back – Relaunch Event Coming Soon

We are proud to inform you that is back! We know we went M.I.A from the MIA for a while, but it was necessary that we regrouped after all we had been through since we started in 2008.

With the economy crashing down, we couldn’t have picked the worst time to start an events and promotions business. However, we realized how much of an impact we made in the few years we spent building our brand.  We still have thousands of hits on our website every month and we haven’t touched it in over two years, Jewelz the Diva still gets call from people wanting to get on the Plush Guest List and people keep asking us to come back to the biz.

As cliche as this sounds, this time we are back better and BIGGER than ever. Recently we have doubled our team, we’ve partnered with a upcoming record label, and we are recruiting an array of talent in the entertainment and fashion world to expand our extended family. This is a movement, so stay tuned because you know we always have something sexy up our sleeves!


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November 22nd, 2013

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